After Abuse – (Child as Abuser) – 99

The middle aged infant needs to ‘punish’ his mother.   He needs her to call him so he has the opportunity to put her into the ‘rejection’ box.  She is the one whose call can go unanswered.  It gives him great power to see that she is calling him and he decides whether or not to answer.

When the mother does speak to the middle aged infant, he enters into an accusatory diatribe.  The mother, who had been through this before, goes along with his game.

He wants her to call back the next day, which she does.

Having run out of his ammunition on day one, he is now  ‘forced’ to engage in a normal conversation.  This is difficult for him because he has problems with normal.

However, not feeling satisfied, he demands she call him again on the third day.

She does.  

He takes the call and decides to show her how unimportant she is to him.  He  is busy. He’s cooking himself a meal.  He’s not really talking, he is behaving in  a way is designed to discourage her from ever calling back.

If she calls the fourth day, he will have to say something to discourage her.   If she doesn’t call then he skips to the finish line;  that is;  “My mother isn’t interested in me.”

The purpose of this exercise is not to open a new relationship with his mother but to subject her to his whiney tantrums.    To make himself feel like that six year old stomping his foot in the supermarket, demanding his mother buy him this chocolate.


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