After Abuse – Child As Abuser – 108

Samantha contacted Tommy on Messenger the following day. The call was normal.  Two people talking.

The third was a kind of attitude game in which he needed her to know how insignificant she was.   During the call he focused on cooking and eating.

She knew he would not answer her fourth call.  As he had a Smart Phone and Messenger was viewed from his cell, (she used her computer) he would know when she called.

If she was not on the Computer, using Messenger she could not get the call.

Hence for him to not answer was deliberate.

Samantha had kept trying because she would not permit him to say that she didn;t call.

Finally, he answered. The conversation was short, he was busy, she told him she’d call next week.

By using his own busyness as the excuse, she escaped his water boarding for a full week.


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Written by jaylar

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