After Abuse – Child Abuser – 104

As  one who had analysed the relationship over the past twenty years,   Samantha  knew  her son Tommy had no interest in reconciliation.  He wanted someone to oppress.

If she had lived closer, if he had been in her life more, she was sure he would have made her a full victim of abuse, instead of this occasional torment.

This is reason why one analyses the Abuse.  Why one looks at a relationship and honestly assesses it.  

Samantha may have jumped at the first invitation, open and vulnerable and willing, but after experiencing Tommy’s coldness, his attitude, she returned home trying to grasp the rationale.

Why did Tommy invite his mother, with whom he claimed to want a relationship, to spend time at his house, but make her as uncomfortable as possible?

He did this to ‘fix’ her for all the childhood lacks he experienced.  

Tommy is a failure, His only measure of success is money and the ability to oppress others.   Being able to ‘dominate’ his mother, even a conversation with his mother, is success.


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