After Abuse – 80

Never expect an Abuser to admit abuse.   Even if he put you in the hospital, even if he has been divorced three times for abuse, he will say with absolute certainty that he never was violent.

In his twisted mind  beating you, beating his children was not violence.

Don’t waste your breath trying to get him to admit what he did.  He never will.  

Most abusers are in the deepest cave of denial. They can look you in the face and claim they never were violent although you have the scars to prove it.  

If they are arrested and locked up, convicted, they will claim it is the fault of their victim.

Never try to get an admission of brutality from an Abuser.  Don’t bother to confront him with the facts and the proof.  

He will deny it in such a way you almost believe you are imagining.

This is how good Abusers are in the ‘defence’ of their Abuse.


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Written by jaylar

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