After Abuse – 69

Emma was the ‘text book’ abused wife.   Ethan had put her through the standard emotional/intellectual/ spiritual/verbal/physical abuse.

Intelligent, Emma escaped before 4 years had passed and lived her own life. 

She moved on, remarried, had a life.

When Ethan was old enough to get his social security, (they had lived in America) he contacted Emma, telling her she could get benefits.

Emma lived in another country and had not seen Ethan for almost forty years. Having gone through the Abuse, surviving it, examining it, she knew Ethan better than he knew himself.  Besides, considering the rate of exchange, that small packet would enable her to live well.

So, Emma agreed to travel.

Ethan booked the worst possible flights for her.  Knowing him, she had expected this. He collected her at the airport, took her to a horrible flat, and early the next day, to the Social Security office.


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Written by jaylar

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