After Abuse – 68

Many Victims of Abuse never fully survive it.  They  never examine it, package it, file it, and move on.  

They hold the Abuse as their foundation of their existence and will, whenever possible, ‘retaliate’ against the Abuser.

If this means losing a house, than that is what it means.

If Paul and Jack were ten or eleven years old,  we would claim they were behaving like children.  But Paul was 44 and Jack 43 when they finally decided to take the steps to gain the property bequeathed to them by their Grandmother.

They had learned of the property years before;  but learning from their hated Father made them instantly sit on their hands.

If their father had intended for them to lose the property, he had done the exact right thing by being the one to inform them of it.

This is the real tragedy of Abuse.  For even after it is over, if one doesn’t analyse it, one may waste their lives ‘retaliating’ in a totally impotent and useless manner, which only hurts themselves.


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Written by jaylar

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