After Abuse – 64

One of the biggest errors Victims make is to ‘punish’ or ‘retaliate’ against their Abuser.   To do this proves  the Victim has not really survived and moved on.   It may also cost them.

Abuse is not just husband/wife or parent/child.   There are cases in which children will abuse their parents.

Paul and Jack were beaten by their father.   It was no greater than the old time beating kids got before the ‘politically correct’ era.   The beatings Paul and Jack got did not create scars or put them in the hospital. 

Although one can label the father’s behaviour as abuse, it was no different than the spankings he had gotten as a child.

 I emphasise this, as further, Paul and Jack had other relatives they could stay with and often did. They permanently escaped their father when they were 17 and 16, respectively.

They lived with their Grandmother until Paul got into trouble and  was sent to another area due to his involvement in drug dealing.  

In a year, Jack joined him.

Paul and Jack lived on their own from the age of 18, their grandmother visiting on occasion, they visiting her.

They maintained a hatred for their father and mother.   

Although their mother had done nothing, whenever they were in proximity they would ‘punish’ her.  They would make demands, accusations, attribute all sorts of motives and no matter what she said, maintained a smug derogatory attitude.

Their  Grandmother died when Paul was 38 and Jack was 37.


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