After Abuse – 62

As many Abusers, Geo had his pattern.   He never changed it.  He never realised  Sherry caught it.  

For years he played an email game.  For years Sherry mapped his game, and played along.

Often he wrote in a cryptic (in his mind) style linking virtual slogans. 

As Sherry was actually aware of an event he was facing, she could decipher his two sentences as a situation he was confronting and his plans to respond to it.

She, using a bit more eloquent set of terms, which, if  read carefully,  ridiculed his actions and understanding. 

Writing in that third party manner he had adapted, her paragraph  made the path he had taken prove foolish.

An ‘untrained’ eye would see that he posted nebulous statements and she had posted general observations, but what Geo read was ridicule.  He ceased to email her.  She did not email him.  Months past without correspondence.

But on his birthday sent him an ecard, which, she was advised, he opened.  The card was nothing but the amenity.

And Geo could not respond.


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Written by jaylar

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