After Abuse – 59

Long after Fiona had left Howard, long after she had analysed the relationship there was a situation in which they were in proximity.  

The day had passed fairly civilly.  Fiona was trying to nap.   Howard began to run a paper shredder.  Fiona had to hide her face because she was laughing.   She was laughing because she knew Howard.  Knew the filth of his spirit.

Howard, resorting to his old tricks.  He was trying to provoke her, a woman who would only attend his funeral to be sure he was dead.  

Fiona made no reaction.  She knew his behaviour was designed to annoy her, to force her to reprove him.  If she would have responded, as expected, he would have a mouthful of responses.  

As she did not respond, he choked on them.  

All the love she once held for him had long died, replaced by contempt.  

Having gone over their relationship she saw every single trick he had used, had read his ‘text book’ on abuse.  There was nothing Howard could do or say which would get a rise out of her.

Proving it, made Fiona know how strong she was.


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Written by jaylar

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