After Abuse – 38

One of the most ignored abuses is Parent abuse.  This is when children, many of them grown, abuse their own parents.

They strive to make them feel guilty, strive to repaint a minor event as traumatic, and get the parent to ‘beg’ forgiveness.

Forgiveness for nothing.

Many parents have to make hard choices when a child is young, and they are made with the best intentions.

Children who need to ‘punish’ their parents will try to redraft this decision in the worst possible light.

Too many parents never step back and examine the situation.  They accept the abuse until, somehow, they reach a stage in which they can’t.

Few parents will recognise how many times they explained why, how many times they went over a situation,  only to have to go through it again.  And again, until they realise that this whole ‘performance’ of the adult child is similar to the infant flinging himself on the floor and having a tantrum.


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Written by jaylar

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  1. Okay, I am back on track now. No parents are perfect and I would like to believe that very few are truly abusive. I went to counseling once and they tried to tell me my parents were abusive. They were not abusive in any fashion. They had strong beliefs, but not abusive.

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