After Abuse – 126

Imagine an Abuser; ex husband, ex Boss from Hell, father, wife, etc.  Here is a person who Abused you.  

They know it.

 They know it and expect you to respond to them in fear or subjugation, or whatever.

You look at them as  nobody.   You hear what the Abuser says and take it under advisement.

You feel nothing.  

The Abuser can not hurt you in any way, because you don’t care.   You really don’t care.  You are indifferent.

If they are lurking you call the police,  you move away, keeping them out of your life is what you do.

If they have some use to you and offer, you take the use, and done.  You don’t bang your chest and say; “I don’t want anything from you!” especially when it is property or benefits you are entitled to.

By refusing your benefits you lose.  


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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