After Abuse – 111

Abusers will attempt to regain a position in the life of their  ex-Victim.   

They have a number of schemes.  Some ask for ‘help’  so as  to load an Ex-Victim with a pile of worthless tasks designed to waste time.   Some ask for ‘investment advice’ so that they can blame the Ex-Victim for causing them to lose money;  whatever it is, rest assured, it is pointless save as Abuse.

The scheme  is to put the Ex Victim into a position where they can be blamed or ridiculed.

Ex-Victims who refuse to do the unnecessary tasks or offer advice, can not be chastised for their ‘poor work’  or causing a loss of money.

Failing to get Ex Victim 1 to participate means he will move on to  Ex Victim 2.

An Abusive adult child might ask Daddy to help him invest.  Daddy might not know very much, maybe recommend someone or toss some idea.   When Abusive Adult Child loses the money he now has a great reason to hate Daddy. 

Often the Abusive Adult Child will then ask Mommy to help him invest.

If Mommy corresponds with Daddy or if the Child mentioned how ‘Daddy stole my money’  she will avoid any kind of involvement in his financial scheme.

With Abusers, the purpose is not to earn not to complete work, the  Purpose of any request made by an Abuser is to get someone to blame.  


Abusive Children, even at a young age, need to ‘own’ their parents. At a divorce a child will select one parent to punish another.

For example, at divorce the child  will destroy any relationship the parent tries to form with another person.

It became a situation of having to choose between that other person and the child.

If the parent selects the child, s/he will lose the other person until such time as the child leaves home.

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