After Abuse – 110

In any Abusive relationship, when the Victim escapes, the Abuser, will, when running out of victims,  recycle.  

The Abuser will reflect on his past and reach out to those who had escaped. He does this to boost his ego, because an escape is, on his chart, a Failure.

Victims who do not analyse might fall back into the trap.   This is because that most people operate by logic.   Most people think that five, ten, twenty years after they escaped that the Abuser has changed and perhaps wants to make reparations or, at least have a normal relationship, which is why he made contact.

This is not true.

Abusers need to prove they ‘control’ they have power.  

If one analyses the Abuse one sees the signs and does not open themselves to be used.

In any case of Abuse there can never be a normal relationship between victim and abuser.  There can only be a meaningless one.


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