After Abuse – 100

Samantha had been through the performances before.   She had subjected herself to her son, Tommy’s exclusionary behaviour.

He, a grown man, could invite her to his house, and then make her feel as unwelcome as possible.

Why claim you want a reconciliation, why claim you want to create a good relationship?   Why invite your mother to stay with you and then make her feel uncomfortable?

It is not that she pushed in, it is not that she demanded, it is that Tommy virtually begged Samantha to come and stay with him.  She complied,  attempted  reconciliation, failed, and departed.

Ten years later, Tommy repeated the performance.  

Samantha travelled to Tommy’s house where she  was a virtual prisoner.  She had no key to the house and Tommy was out each day.

Conversation consisted of Tommy vomiting his feelings of neglect, abandonment,  and Samantha would repeat the fact that she had offered to take him when he was a child, which he refused.

This did not in any way effect Tommy’s presentations.


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Written by jaylar

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