Aesthetics and Hair Loss Treatment Options for Singaporeans

In recent years, it is awfully natural for many Singaporeans to experience beauty treatments. Cosmetic enhancements were once seen as penultimate resorts for ladies too insecure about their own looks, or as an outlet of expression for the madly narcissistic. Having said all these, medical aesthetic treatments definitely have their detractors. Part of the reason for the boom in this space is the development of medical aesthetics. Long bruising are no longer the norm and there can be aesthetic procedures completed as speedily as ten minutes. This Southeast Asian city’s doctors and medical aesthetics industry are rapidly catching up with the US – the pinnacle of plastic surgeries.

Hair Loss Treatment

Currently, the best hair loss treatment on the market is the GLOW + GENOSYS by Cambridge Therapeutics. Specially designed by doctors, this hair loss treatment helps make your hair follicles stronger and cleanses the scalp. Overall, it dramatically boosts new hair growth to help you get back that youthful hair look.

More about the Cambridge Therapeutics Glow + Genosys hair loss treatment is found here.

For more information about the causes and effects of hair loss, do read this article at Harvard.

Picolaser in Singapore

Picolasers belong to a unique type of lasers capable of delivering laser energy in very short burst durations averaging picoseconds (1/1,000,000,000,000 of a second).  It is common to see picolasers used to remove inks and other forms of pigmentation, but the flexibility of picosecond lasers have also seen applications use in various other classes of procedures, such as skin toning. Conditions associated with pigmented skin, such as freckles or even pigmented armpits can benefit from using a variety of picolasers.

When undergoing a picosecond laser session, pulses of laser energy are directed at the clumps of pigments in the skin. The laser energy disperses the pigmented cells into tinier bits. The smashed pieces of the pigments are then taken away naturally by the body’s immune system, in effect, resolving the collection of pigments. Training is crucial in handling the picosecond laser machines deftly. The flexibility of the settings on different versions of pico laser machines also mean that different wavelengths, power and durations can be adjusted for the best results tailored to the individual. Pico laser procedures will not require more than 60 minutes out of your day. Some may experience some redness immediately following the procedure, but expect this to fade soon. Picolasers cost based on the length of the procedure and how big of an area that requires treatment. Be prepared to pay $450 and upwards for a small area.

Treat Pigmentation

With time, our layers of skin lose tightness, clearness or starts to show dark spots that previously were not there.Living in Singapore, it is not uncommon for a large portion of people to have problems regarding skin pigmentation at least once in their lives. Being frequently exposed to rays from the sun can darken the existing condition or lead to even more of these clusters to grow. As such, the most common areas for pigmentation spots to arise in, tend to take place at the most exposed places – the face, brows. There is no wonder drug for each and every pigmentation issue. In the case of how different symptoms of pigmentations can overlap each other, within the same area of the skin, but their treatment procedures may be altogether different. Pigmentation might also manifest after inflammation, due to causes like insect bites, eczema or chicken pox. These types of pigmentation are collectively known as post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

Pertaining to effective pigmentation treatment, the doctor must first correctly tell the symptomsand underlying reason of the discolored skin ahead of giving the appropriate procedure. Blindly administering remedies to solve pigmentation conditions is a recipe for disaster. It crops up more frequently than you think, but it is likely for different pigmentation conditions to be mistakenly identified as other conditions owing to the similarity in the look between some pigmentation manifestations. Studies have indicated the existence of cases of the pigmentation condition deteriorating from having of the wrong remedy. Due to this, it is not uncommon for individuals to explore multiple opinions on the pigmentation you may be hoping to fix, before accepting any bespoke course of pigmentation removal treatment.

Cure Acne Scarring

One area of skin can even show several differing types of scars, and each individual type of scarring has a a specific treatment best practice. Scars in the aftermath of chronic acne strikes fear in the hearts of the medical community, because of the fact that it is famous for being troublesome to completely solve.To further complicate the things, complexity of variables considered during the acne scar removal protocols is additionally compounded owing to the fact that each and every individual’s skin expresses unique characteristics that could possibly affect the intended outcome of the course of treatment. Acne can give rise to a number of kinds of scarring. One patch of skin can even show a number of differing types of scars, and each different type  comes with a specific treatment best practice.

It might be tempting to think there to be a best removal treatment that can fully treat all acne scars, but a treatment like this does not exist. The proper way to approach acne scarring is for the dermatologist to firstly determine the every types of scars the person has before administering a bespoke combination treatment approach. If you have been searching for solutions to your acne scars for a long time now, we advocate that you talk to several trusted aesthetic clinics or hospitals  to gain a better comprehend what doctors recommended for your condition before embarking on any treatment. Quite a few different strategies put together lasers, subcision, RF needling and various other treatments into 1 complete strategy. Costs, Low to moderate: $2000-$3650, High severity: $2500-$7300


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