Abuse 'Takeaways'

Yes, it is making lemonade out of lemons, but certain horrible traits you develop to survive the abuse, be it domestic or employment   do have some future use.

To discard all the ‘survival’ modes you developed to get from today to tomorrow, seems a knee jerk reaction.   However, some of what you leaarned and practiced has  use.  

When you escape a relation you will attempt to excrete the experiences you  had and your responses.  

However, you need to hold a few shards so that not only will it not happen to you again, (because you know all the signs and symbols) but that even the most bland attempts will be thwarted.

There are many people who would be abusers if….  

As the ‘ if’ isn’t happening, they have to settle for clumsy little digs here and there.    

As they aren’t as skilled as your ex or that boss from hell you left, you see it coming for a mile and get out of the way.  

And you know how to play it.


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Written by jaylar

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