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A miracle drink

When you mix the beetroot, carrot, and apple juice together, you get a magic potion that has gained worldwide fame for its incredible effects on health. For the first time, it began to be used within traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of lung cancer, and various other diseases.  The magic potion is a great friend of the heart, thanks to the combination of medicinal properties of carrots, apples and beets.

Those who want to get the most out of this juice should represent all three foods in the same quantities. For example. 3 apples, 3 beets and 3 carrots. From fresh fruits and vegetables, make juice in juicer – cut apple, beetroot and carrot and mix it. Filter  into the jar,  and store in the refrigerator  if you have made a large amount of juice. The beverage should not be sweetened additionally. But you can fill it with fresh fresh lemon juice or lemon that is rich in vitamin C. This will prevent the oxidation of the juice. You can drink twice a day. Drink for the second time until 17:00 in the afternoon. Therapy with juice should last from one to three months continuously if you want to achieve long-lasting beneficial effects on your health.


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