9 Ways Exercising Lets You Achieve Not Only Fitness but Also Happiness

Exercising is essential to achieve and maintain good health, wellness and fitness in all aspects. Regardless of sex, culture, nationality, beliefs and anything else, regular exercise is highly recommended and necessary for everyone. With proper diet, enough sleep and a healthy lifestyle, exercise makes you a healthier person.

After you do your physical exercises, you get tired, you feel “fit” already and, if you haven’t noticed, you also feel happy! “Happy” is an understatement here because it’s not like you can really explain how you feel after an intense physical workout, but how does exercising do that? Here are 10 ways how it makes you not only fit but also happy:



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When you exercise, you feel lighter and more comfortable to do things and to interact with people. With a good mood after a nice morning exercise, you find it fun to greet everyone in the office with a smile. With a good afternoon workout, you feel excited to go home and bond with your little nieces even when there’d been lots of work you had to accomplish. When you exercise, there’s a different level of energy in you.

You’re surrounded with good vibes, and it feels like nothing can change your great mood. You feel more energized. You feel like you have nothing to worry about throughout the whole day. You’ve been recharged and prepared for the supposedly stressful, work-filled day. Negative vibes can’t easily take you down because your mood has been started with a good exercise.




Physical exercise is one of the ways to achieve fitness, and when you’re fit, you become more confident — in all ways. You become more confident when interacting with people, showcasing your talents, standing in front of a crowd, wearing clothes you prefer to wear, and many more. You become confident with yourself, and your eyes get that wonderful glow during the process and after succeeding your fitness goals.



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You don’t need any sleeping juices or pills to get a good sleep! Exercising helps you to do so as well! When you’re physically active and ready with a regular exercise, sleeping difficulties can be reduced and eventually removed. Exercising will lengthen your sleep duration at night too and will let you avoid sudden, inexplicable, annoying wake ups at midnight. Your sleep quality becomes better, with enough rest and without feeling lazy.




The mere “plan of exercising” sounds and feels like challenging. Well while it’s true, exercising is really helpful when it comes to encouraging you to move, literally! It’s hard to stand up early on weekends because it’s so good to sleep, but if you need a morning exercise for a good health, then there’s a need to sacrifice a bit.

After passing the “It’s hard to stand up” level, every motivated feeling will surely follow. After working out, you feel more active and driven to accomplish things throughout the day whatever tasks they are, regardless of their difficulty!



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When your body feels weak and lifeless, your mind is highly and negatively affected. It’s harder to think clearly, to understand intelligibly, to come up with great ideas and even to interact well… but if your body is energetic, your mind is also in a good, working condition, whether it’s for academics, for decision-making, for work necessities and others.




Stressors are just everywhere; it’s definitely difficult to hide from them because you just cannot. The only thing you can do is to be tough when they come, and that’s also where exercising helps you with. Even if there are many things to be sad about, mad about or frustrated about, you feel brighter and less convinced to get totally stressed out. If your body is in the right and happy condition, so is your outlook throughout the whole day.



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If you want to achieve fitness, you must be focused on that goal. One way to succeed on that is to have discipline within yourself. It’s not easy because there are lots of habits, food favorites and lifestyle practices which you must abandon to give way for your fitness goals. There are lots of sacrifices, but from there, you’ll learn to have that necessary discipline within yourself.

Having self discipline may not be easy, but it makes you happy because you feel like you’re doing better and that you’re becoming a better person who has self-control and who’s making healthy and helpful decisions. You begin to appreciate even more that living a healthy life is accompanied with living a responsible life that gives you joy.




Exercising is one of the few strategies existing today that enable you to put down your smartphone and stand up from your computer chair. Nowadays it’s rare to meet people without a cellphone or any single gadget, and it’s also unusual to see people not holding them.

When you exercise you’re required to free your hands from anything and start working out. It lets you focus on what you’re doing. Exercising frees you from the bonds of today’s overused technology. Putting down your gadget gives yourself a favor — letting you live life for real and working out your whole body instead of just your fingers.



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You exercise as part of your Road to Fitness Quest! Even when you haven’t reached your goal of a fit and healthy body — that is to say, even when you’re still working it out — there’s already a feeling of joy you feel because you’re able to do something you don’t usually do and probably something you hate doing.

When you exercise, you discover more about yourself and learn to love and care for yourself even more. Most especially, when you already reach your aim, it’s without a doubt fulfilling. The journey to achieving fitness is not a piece of cake, but it’s surely worth your sweat if you just do it right.


Exercising and achieving that fit and right body won’t only be your paths to fitness but also your sources of happiness! Go on and get that fit and happy life!



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Fitbiz, an Australian business nationally regarded as the benchmark in the Fitness industry, offering premium quality fitness equipment collection at affordable prices. She writes pieces focusing on the importance of being fit and healthy overall and the self discipline that must go with them. She also does research on various gym and exercise equipment to give more information about how they work. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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