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7 Tips to get good Sleep

Please remember that sleep is a basic need for the body to grow and improve the function of all the organs. With enough sleep, you will feel fit when you wake up in the morning and ready to do all the work during the day from morning to night. In addition, the following seven tips may help you reach your sleep requirement.

1. Sleep and wake up in a regular period of time every day. Sleepless times will disrupt your next sleep time.

2, Eat snacks that contain little carbohydrate before bedtime, if available, add a glass of warm milk.

3. Reduce consuming drinks that are stimulants or that keep you awake like tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. This drink will keep you awake, which of course you don’t need if you want to sleep.

4. Wash with warm water thirty minutes or one hour before going to bed. A warm bath will cause sedation or stimulate sleep. In addition, warm baths also reduce body tensions.

5. Regular exercise helps people who experience problems with sleep. Exercise should be done in the morning and not a few minutes before going to bed. With exercise, your health will be more optimal so that the body can fight stress that appears better.

6. Perform regular relaxation activities. Listening to music, practicing breath g, and meditation will help slow down the processes that occur in the body because of which your body becomes more relaxed. This will make it easier for you to sleep.

7. Stop watching TV or reading books, at least one hour before going to bed.

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  1. I definitely need these. I am not getting good sleep. I need around 6-7 hours but haven’t reached that many times. I will take note on most of the points you have provided like drinking warm milk and taking a warm bath. I have no problem with coffee and smoking because I don’t drink coffee and don’t smoke.

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