7 Tips How to Stay Active After 50 years

Staying Healthy After 50

Nobody plans on slowing down when they get older; it just happens. What used to be your slam dunk in basketball becomes a layup, or your sprint turns into a jog, and you begin to find excuses for not going surfing. Your treadmill becomes the place you lay towels over to dry and the weights you once tossed around are now something you just move around as you vacuum. Things change as you age, and that includes your physical abilities.

Many people can feel depressed as this begins to happen. They feel powerless to overcome their inertia. However, mobility and happiness are attainable no matter your age. Here is a look at seven ways to join the anti-aging fight even as the slowdown in your body begins.

7 Tips to Stay Active After 50

— Begin Small

Just because you cannot leap to your feet on the surfboard anymore is not a reason to fall out of touch with the ocean. Just visit the beach and walk along the shore. This will keep you active and allow the ocean’s surroundings to act as therapy. Eventually your walk along the beach will turn into a jog, and once you start wading out into the water you’ll probably start bodysurfing. As athletes often say, showing up is half the battle.

— Don’t Throw Out Your Weights

Weightlifting is a fantastic way to begin the ant-aging process. Just because you can’t bench 350 anymore is no reason to let your weights become dust magnets. You may be losing muscle mass, but it’s no reason to lose muscle tone. Where you used to do short sets of heavy weights, now hit longer sets with less weight.

— Stretch

Most athletes who stay competitive long after their prime credit either yoga or stretching. Stretching allows your muscles to remain supple, or viable. This enables them to respond in a pro-growth manner if you do start lifting again

— Reading

Sure, reading is considered a sedentary activity; but for your brain it’s the ultimate gym and spa treatment. If your mind stays sharp, it’s easier to keep the body in shape. Once the mind becomes lazy, it’s easy for the body to follow the brain’s example.

— Golf

Even if you have never participated in this sport, now would be a good time to learn the basics. No matter how poor you are at the sport, if you eschew using a cart you will walk for miles each time you play, and it only takes one great shot to make you want to play again.

— Dance

You don’t need to go to classes or don some jazzercise pants to enjoy the aerobic benefits of dance. Just close the curtains and blast some music that moves you. This is one of the most effortless forms of exercise in which one may partake.

— Human Growth Hormones

Hormonal imbalance is often the guilty party for your apparent lethargy. It appears in different forms. A few ways it can show up is erectile dysfunction, low libido, lack of energy, heart palpitations, and memory loss. Treatment often includes synthetics such as insulin, birth control pills, and thyroid medications. However, relying upon medications alone treats the symptom, without solving it. A combination of diet and synthetics is necessary to regain a semblance of hormonal balance.

HGH therapy is often used by athletes to help repair muscles faster and to gain muscle mass. The use of human growth hormones is also another weapon in the arsenal of the anti-aging fight. Therapy benefits are: repairing damaged muscle tissue and adding muscle, helping in restoring the appearance and quality of your skin and also restore bone mass.

Age affords you the benefits of wisdom and the eventual use of your retirement funds. If you explore some of these tips, there is no reason for you to limp into your golden years. In fact, at age fifty and beyond you can hit the gate running.


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