6 Signs A Girl Gives When SHE Wants You To Talk To Her!!

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Gentlemen today I’m going over six signs that ladies give when she wants you to come here first up is multiple eye contact connections all right once can be an accident, she could be looking for the bathroom you happen to be standing in front of the door, but twice, three times in a span of like five minutes on thinking she’s actually looking at you multiple repeated eye contact connections is one of the most surefire ways you’re going to know if she is actually interested and wants you to come hither because if she’s not interested she’s not looking at you know else isn’t looking at you her friends which is actually number two if all of a sudden you see her friends who was a posse of ladies that she is with actually starting to look at and sort of whispering and you see a few of them starting to date and glance in your direction Sheila stallion three o’clock my god you know it’s on.

Number three is all about body language what do you think do I want you to talk to me no I don’t but if I angle my body towards you open up, yes you can talk about body language without mentioning the operative word preening what does it mean preening essentially means fixing, adjusting right if you see her starting to adjust things, maybe a bracelet a watch right her skirt her blouse it’s on but it’s even more on if she starts messing with those flowing amazing loss of lusciousness swirling smoothing giving it a little bit of that once you become fluent in the language that is ladies hair the better off you’re going to be in identifying which one’s actually want you to approach.

Number four she moves closer to check it out if a woman’s in you and she’s making eye contact she’s playing with her hair, she’s fixing everything and you’re still not approaching, she will move closer just to let you know that yo mama means business, it’s a sign that she makes innocent conversation right, so have you ever been somewhere where there’s some woman around and all of a sudden she like mutter something like I hope these can hope sir fresh to the untrained dude you think that she’s just exclaiming like hey I hope these melons are right but really what she’s doing is she’s opening it up, she’s allowing you the opportunity to chime in she’s actually wanting you to talk to her it’s super subtle you might even miss and most guys actually miss it, but it’s not subtle unless she talks to herself regularly and in that case she’s actually crazy.

Number six sign that she wants you to talk to her is she smiles, smiles are just passed out right, they’re not just like people just don’t walk around smiling it actually I smile at people if she combines a smile with any of the other five sides you know it’s game time gentlemen, she is waiting she’s begging, she’s basically throwing herself at your damn feet, unfortunately we as men tend to miss some of the subtle signs that women give when they actually want us to come and talk to her but hopefully after this article you now know the six sign she gives you when she wants you to come here.



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