6 of the Hottest Trends You WIll Find at a Nail Salon in Summerville, SC

Having your nails done is a sure fire to just feel great about yourself. That is why so many women put getting a manicure and full set at the top of their list when getting ready for a big event, like a wedding or prom, or even keep them up on a regular basis for their daily life. Just the same old thing will feel repetitive after a while, though. If you want to look fabulous after your next trip to the best nail salon in Summerville, SC, ask for one of these hot trends:

  1. Petals. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, this spring-inspired look is so pretty! Keep the base of your nails a neutral color and have your nail technician paint on tiny flower petals in the color of your choice, but keep it subdued. 
  2. Metallic. This look is for people who are going for quite the opposite of a neutral look. Gilded gold is really in this year, but if you don’t wear a lot of gold or don’t have the skin tone for gold, you can also go with a more silvery metallic hue.
  3. Statement nails. Have something to say? Spell it out on your nails! Statement nails are literally just press-on alphabet stickers, glossed over with clear nail polish, on a white or black base nail color. You can say anything from “Love” to “Go Green” to really anything else. Seriously, there are so many possibilities that lie before you.
  4. Checkerboard. A classic french manicure just took a cool new twist! When you go to your nail salon in Summerville, SC, ask for a checkerboard look instead of all white tips. This will give you a look of little black and white squares on your nails, keeping your look totally cool and totally classic at the same time.
  5. Ocean Blue. Every year there is one color that is really hot, and right now it is ocean blue. You can use this hue several different way. You can have you entire manicure done in this color, or take another twist of the classic french manicure and have only your tips in blue.
  6. Texture Play. If you want your nails to really pop, go for two different yet complimenting colors. Try a line of light blue surrounding the main color of dark gray. In order to keep the colors from blurring, make sure the rim color is shiny and the middle color is matte.

This is just the beginning! Your nails are a reflection of you and your style, so have fun with it!


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