5 Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India

In India, selecting an appropriate cancer insurance is as important as getting one. You have to buy a cancer insurance plan that is capable of offering the required cover whenever the need arises. Cancer treatment is an expensive proposition, it can burn all your savings and can leave you financially stuck. However, if you own a good cancer insurance plan then you don’t have to use your savings to get the treatment at the right stage. While you are buying a cancer insurance plan you must pay attention to essential things, so that your family would not be in debt to pay medical bills.

Why must you buy cancer insurance?

In today’s world where nothing is fixed and things are getting worse day by day just because of poor health and growing critical diseases. It is imperative for a person to be well prepared in advance so that they can deal with any medical emergency in the future. Nowadays, people are getting prone to critical diseases and cancer is one of them. In India, you will notice an alarming increase in cancer cases and the numbers are growing on a daily basis. People are getting diagnosed with cancer, irrespective of age, genetics, health condition, etc. and it can instill fear in the hardest of individuals.

Cancer is a disease that requires a lengthy treatment and it is also expensive as compared to other treatments. The treatment of the same can leave your family in huge financial burden and can sweep your savings of many years in a few months only. A comprehensive cancer insurance plan is all a person need in this critical situation, it will not only assist you financially but also makes sure that the diagnosed is getting good treatment.

ICICI Pru Cancer Protect: ICICI Pru Cancer Protect plan provides the required coverage for all stages of cancer no matter how minor and major it is. Along with the basic cover, you will get additional benefits such as hospital benefit, increasing cover benefit, and income benefit.

AEGON Religare iCancer Insurance: AEGON Religare iCancer Insurance – a comprehensive cancer insurance policy that provides coverage on almost all expenses from the starting of the disease. Under the same policy, the payouts are planned in a way that can easily provide the coverage to the policyholder at every stage of the disease.

ABSLI Cancer Shield Plan: ABSLI Cancer Shield Plan is a plan for all stages of cancer, starting from early stage to the major one. It also offers the option of increasing cover option for adequate coverage at all times.

Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan: Max Life Cancer Insurance plan is a plan with comprehensive protection for all stages of cancer. The financial benefit and payout has been designed in a way that would be sufficient for insured to get the adequate cover at all stages.

HDFC Life Cancer Care: The HDFC Life Cancer Care policy come with three variants silver, gold and platinum plans. This plan to covers all types of cancer from diagnosis until recovery.

There are a few basic health insurance plans that cover cancer as part of the critical illness.

Essentials for choosing a cancer insurance plan

Following are a few essential points that a person should keep in mind while buying a cancer insurance policy

Robust Sum Assured: We all are aware of the fact that medical expenses are rising day by day.  On an average, the medical cost rises by 15% every year. Cancer treatment is a lengthy process and it needs proper care, attention and time to heal. In such hard and crucial times, a robust sum assured is an important thing if you own a policy. With a strong sum assured, the diagnosed will be able to focus completely on the treatment. It will provide sufficient funds during a hard time.

Longer Duration: Along with sufficient cover, it is also very important to have a cover for a longer duration. Cancer can be diagnosed by a person at any age so the longer the term the better financial protection and peace of mind.

Cover for all stages: It is important that if you own a cancer insurance policy then it should provide cover at all stages. You must choose a plan that offers payout on the basis of stages of the disease. Usually a cancer insurance plan provides a percentage of sum assured at different stages of cancer. Ideally, an effective plan should be there to offer coverage at all stages of cancer.


Cancer is a critical disease which can easily spoil the life of a person emotionally and financially as well. A person who is diagnosed with this crucial disease requires much care, attention, love and time to heal. And the shortage of funds in this harsh times where he/she can’t afford a quality treatment can be a big problem, so to keep yourselves prepared it is always good to have a cancer insurance plan. With a cancer insurance, you will be able to deal with this critical disease easily. Invest your hard earned money in such form of insurance to get the appropriate cover for a long term.

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