3 Common Mistakes With Trying To Exercise

Overall, exercising and engaging in physical activity is extremely healthy for the body to improve health and body performance on a whole. Exercising has to be a committment and it doesnt have to be too strict and energy draining, scheduling the proper routine for yourself can be very effective, fun and fulfilling. When exercising there are some things you have to keep in mind to ensure success and there are some mistakes that we normally make that we should try and avoid such as;

  1. Doing the same exercises everyday; this is totally wrong, it is very healthy and rewarding to do cardio everyday to maintain hearthealth but doing overall, rigorous body workout everyday can damage muscles and body tissues because the body needs time to build and refine muscles after you exercise and the more pressure you put on the body through consecutive workouts can slow muscle growth progress and even lead to muscle tear etc.
  2. Try to find a workout for each part of the body or each segment; if you want to do exercise, just do it right. You can expect to just work on the lower body and that will do for the rest. It is important that eacc segment of the body benefits from the workout routines that you choose and even when you are focusing on one body part or segment, you still need to keep other parts in check.
  3. Fix your diet; frankly, it makes no sense to work out like never before and still binge eat pizza, it would just be for nbothing. No one is telling you to quit pizza but regulate your diet in such a way that as you eat and workout, your calorie intake balances out and you are on the right diet to provide sufficient nutrients and energy to maintain your body during workouts.

Find that balance and try to exercise the right way. Try to make and maintain a schedule and try to be consistent with working out and you will definitely see results.


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