10 Helpful Makeup Tricks for Getting Pretty Looks This Christmas

Just like so many ladies among us, you may still be left clueless about the ins and outs, must and must not when it comes to applying your makeup. It can’t be like this now that Valentine’s Day is just about to unfold. For once, get your makeup tricks straight.

10 Tricks for the Ultimate Makeup Perfection

We’ve rounded up the only 10 things you absolutely need to know to get that perfect makeup on no matter what mood you’re in or look you’re going for. Here are the top Valentine’s Day makeup tips you should have known by now:

Trick No. 1: Cleanse and exfoliate. 

It’s not the greatest secret to a gorgeous makeup finish. It doesn’t matter what final look you’re going for, this requirement stays. Sadly, although it’s impossible for us not to be informed about this trick, many of us still neglect it or even pretend they don’t know this rule of great makeup exists at all.

Invest more time and effort in achieving flawless skin. Prevention and correction begin with a skin that’s clean and clear of impurities.

Trick No. 2: Flood your skin with moisture.

Whether you’re a teenager or a baby boomer, a well-moisturized skin is a prerequisite to a great makeup finish. Treat your skin with regular hydrating face masks. Make sure your products don’t include harsh ingredients or you’ll get a completely opposite result.

Trick No. 3: Always start your makeup routine by treating your skin. 

One of the best Valentine’s Day beauty tips you’ll come by is the idea of spending more time treating your skin than actually putting on your color cosmetics. Why? Again, because great makeup begins with great skin. This is a step you can’t miss, most especially when aging skin is one of your issues.

Trick No. 4: Foundation first then conceal. 

Put an end to that age-old discussion you’ve been debating with yourself for years — it’s foundation first. Use your bare fingers to warm up your cream cosmetics. A little heat will allow these products to spread more evenly and better cling to your skin. A good foundation and concealer brush will come handy for applying products in hard to reach areas like the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

Trick No. 5: Use a matte concealer on your eyelids and lips. 

Makeup can have counterproductive effects on your beauty goals too, most especially when naturally greasy skin is a concern. Keep your eyeshadow from slipping and getting out of place by using a matte concealer to prime your skin. Do the same to fill your lips and keep your makeup from smudging.

Trick No. 6: Have a contouring powder ready.

Contouring can be thought of as one of the most revolutionary makeup tricks invented in the past few years. Whether you’re putting on a no-makeup look or a full onscreen makeup, a contour will always be flattering.

Trick No. 7: Have a white highlighter in hand.

It serves multiple uses such as to give your eyebrows a clean look, give your lips an illusion of being poutier, and open your eyes wide. It’s inexpensive and made to serve even your most ambitious makeup objectives.

Trick No. 8: Always bring down to your neck, chest, and shoulders what you do to your face.

Depending on your collar, always achieve the same base color for other exposed areas of your skin. When you give your face a nice brightening shimmer, it’ll be best to powder up these parts as well.

Trick No. 9: Use a setting spray to help keep everything in place.

Skin can misbehave a lot depending on many factors, including your stress levels and prevailing conditions in your surroundings. What will stay constant is a setting spray so spritz on some.

Trick No. 10: Get an eyelash extension.

One of the most valuable Valentine’s Day beauty tips you’ll probably ever hear is for you to get eyelash extensions. Nothing else can give you naturally long and curly lashes than an extension. It’s inexpensive, it saves you a lot of time and it frees you from the discomforts of mascara.


If you can ace these 10 makeup tricks then the only thing left for you to do on Valentine’s Day is to sing your heart out with Ellie Goulding in the background, “Love me like you do, la-la-love me like you do”. Be careful what you wish for because with awesome makeup on, you just might get it.

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