Why Do You Need A To Have Jump Starters On Your Car Always

In today’s frenzied world, most everyone leads busy lives. Cars are integral to driving to those places that keep us busy. It’s not impossible to live without a car, but they do make life easier. This is especially true of those in the outlying neighborhoods of cities and the wide-open regions out west.

Everyone has a dead car battery every now and then. We find someone with cables to attach to both cars, charge the battery, and we’re off. Sometimes there isn’t anyone with cables, so we sit until someone we can call upon for help arrives. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have something in the car with which to jump-start it when there’s no one around?

What Is A Portable Jump Starter?

A jump starter, also called a booster, provides the same service the battery of another car does. It’s a small machine with alligator clips that attach to the terminals of your battery. The range of power in some jump starters range from 700 amps up to 1,700 amps. This is enough to get the car’s starter to go, so the car can charge the battery.

Reasons Why You Should Always Have A Jump Starter In Your Car

There are some very good reasons to always have a portable jump starter in your car. Perhaps the first and main reason is that when there’s no one around, you’re not helpless. Sometimes that helpless feeling can make you feel overwhelmed as well, but all you have to do is reach into the boot of the car and engage the portable jump starter. Voila, you’re back on the road in just a few minutes.

They’re Convenient

Portable jump starters are about the size of a laptop computer, while others are the size of an old-fashioned doctor’s bag. They’re small enough to be tucked anywhere in the car, they’re lightweight and durable. It runs on battery power, so make sure you keep it charged at all times.

There’s No Need To Worry About The Positioning Of The Vehicles

When using booster cables, the vehicle helping you has to be able to get into a position in which the cables reach both vehicles. Sometimes this can get a bit tricky. With a portable jump starter, you don’t have to worry about the positioning of the helping vehicle.

They Come With Torch Lights

Booster cables don’t have torch lights for helping you start your car in the dark. Portable jump starters have LED torch lights built-in, so you can help not only yourself but others in the same predicament.

They’re Affordable

No one voluntarily pays for a tow when they can get their car jump-started. When cables aren’t available, a good quality portable jump starter only cost $299 AUD.

They Won’t Damage Your Car

Jumping a car with cables requires both cars to be parked on level ground. Cables were never meant to take great heat, so if they do, the cables could melt. This could also cause fire or injury to anyone handling them. Portable jump starters like those from Australian Generator Place won’t damage your car or you.

Device Charging

Many people work in the field with smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. When charging them runs down your car’s battery, you need a reliable backup plan. Many portable jump starters come with USB ports, so charging your devices becomes simpler. Just remember to keep your portable jump starter charged up, too. Your portable jump starter can also be used as an emergency power source in the event the power goes out.

Things To Remember About Your Portable Jump Starter

Always buy and use a good quality jump starter from a name brand and from a reputable store. If you use a cheap version, you could run into safety issues. For example, it’s not safe to use a jump starter that’s hot. Give it time to cool down before using it, or you could injure yourself and harm the car.

Remember to keep your portable jump starter charged. It’s no good to you if the battery is flat.

We don’t want to see anyone stranded with a dead battery, especially in the dark. Always keep a portable jump starter in your car for your own safety.


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