What to consider when choosing the best Ladder Rack for your vehicle

Choosing a ladder rack for your vehicle should be a fun and enjoyable task as it will completely change the look of your van or truck, as well as its overall function. Basically, any ladder rack you choose will be an upgrade to what you currently have, however you want to make sure you choose the best option there is for your specific vehicle. This is where the whole decision making process becomes tricky and even tiresome. And really, who wants that? To make your life easier, here are 10 things to consider when choosing the best ladder rack for your vehicle.

10 steps to follow when choosing the right ladder rack for your vehicle

  1. The first step in choosing the right ladder rack for you is figuring out the weight capacity of your vehicle and decide whether a lightweight ladder rack, such as aluminum, is a necessity or if you can choose a steel one as well.
  2. In addition, the type of ladder you will need to transport is important as well as some ladder racks might not be compatible with all ladder models. Alternatively you might want to look into a universal model that can carry any ladder type in the market.
  3. The third step might come as no surprise to anyone. Do research! There are many types and models on the market and you need to be acquainted with, as many as you can, to learn about their features, specifications and characteristics.
  4. Next, you need to figure out whether you need a single drop down ladder rack or a double drop down ladder rack. To do so, just examine your job requirements and find out which option is easier for the tasks you do on a daily basis.
  5. Size matters as well, at least in this case. Make sure to find out the width and length of the ladder rack before purchase, to see if it will fit the space on your truck or van or whatever vehicle you are looking to upgrade. This is probably the moment to decide whether you need a universal ladder rack or a specific model.
  6. Next, have a look at the mounting specifications. The best model is always the one that is easy to fix on the vehicle you have.
  7. In addition, you also need to check the loading and unloading specifications. Easy-sliding-to-the-ground of the ladder, is a must have features!
  8. Price is another thing to consider. Make sure to go for something that fits your needs and has a sensible price, instead of the cheapest option.
  9. Consider what type of accessories you might add to the model you are interested in.
  10. Last but not least, choose the one that you like. If the looks of the ladder rack do not attract you, then move onto another model. After all, you will be looking at it every time you use your vehicle!


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