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What Kind of Car to Buy?

Our 10-year old 12-seater Ford Transit bus has been ‘written-off’ because of the ‘structural damage” our insurer agreed to accept, on our behalf, based on the other party’s insurer’s judgment.

Our damaged pre-loved van was still in very good condition, despite the ‘structural damage’ on the right side front. Well, only the minor things that needed fixing but never got fixed– such as lights inside, the old CD player replacement. That was all.

We had never intended to change vehicle. In spite of our older children’s criticisms of us, old- fashioned fuddy-duddy cling to our sentiments for that old transit bus we held on for a bit longer. Until the accident that happened recently.

So, what kind of car to buy? A chart, some discussions to compare cars. A two-seater sports car is never on my list, except on my son’s. So, that’s out. A two-door sedan… nah. We still like the space we enjoyed in the old one. Tarago GLX Wagon, came in our category of choices. Besides, I’ve always considered a Toyoya Tarago Wagon eversince our family became bigger up to 10 people.


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