viewed from outside Toyota Camry 2018

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1. outside the car

Compared with its predecessor, the Camry 2018 retains its overall dimensions. Length x Width x Height 4,850 x 1,825 x 1,470 (mm), base length 2.775 (mm), chassis clearance 150 (mm) and radius Minimum turnaround 5.5 (m). And when placed next to the Mazda 6 2018, Toyota’s sedan is slightly less than the length, width, two-axis distance, and the bright spot. In return, the Camry offers greater versatility and space-saving cabin space.

On the surface, if you do not deliberately, you will hardly recognize the new Camry generation and old when the two cars have little difference in appearance when Toyota only bring a few “refurbished” small. The overall design is still very familiar with the elegant style mixed with the godliness that suits the older owners.At the same time to give customers the choice of a variety of preferences or desire to express their personalities, besides the three exterior colors are Black, Silver, Yellow, Toyota now adds color to Brown. all 3 versions.

The car’s focus is on upgrades even though the overall appearance looks more like 99% than the previous generation, as well as added new identification details to Camry 2018 different and good value.

Alongside the trapezoidal radial grille featuring shiny chrome trim or sharp chassis, the Camry now owns a new lighting system with LED backlighting for better visibility than the light. Old style HIDs.

Next to the headlamps were separated from the headlight cluster to move “out separately” to the position previously used as an air inlet, although not too attractive, but very easy to recognize these are new versions of the Camry. on the street. In addition, Toyota has standard daytime running lights, halogen fog lights and auto-off lights.

At the side view, the Camry looks sharp with its slim, “out of place” lines, not as bold and bold as the rival Mazda 6, along with the chrome details Door handles and glass door frames create elegance. In addition to the adjustable/folding and integrated turn signal light, the 2.5Q Camry also added a folding feature when locking the car, self-tilt at low back and both built-in memory two positions with the driver’s seat.

One more noteworthy feature is the three-wheel version on the 17-inch alloy wheels with multi-spoke design instead of the previous one, in that the 2.5Q represents its own value by modifying it. Colorful paint shines more powerful and eye-catching.

Camy continues to maintain its familiar design with largely backlit light bulbs separated into two separate sections, with a chrome brace extending all the way to the rear. Combined with the auxiliary brake lights LEDs placed behind the glass are two low-reflective retroreflective elements on the rear bumper that will allow vehicles on the road to keep the necessary safety distance. Hidden underneath the chassis is a small “wind” diffuser to improve the aerodynamics of the Camry while traveling at high speeds.

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