Toyota Altis 2018

Toyota Altis 2018 comes in five versions: Altis 1.8E MT (floor number), Altis 1.8E CVT (automatic number), Altis 1.8G CVT (automatic number), Altis 2.0V Luxury (automatic number) and Altis 2.0 V Sport (auto number).

Toyota Altis 201E at Toyota Altis 1.8E MT (05 seats, 1798cm3 engine, 6 floor level) is priced at 784 million, Toyota Altis 1.8E CVT (05 seats, engine 1798cm3; CVT is priced at VND817 million, Toyota Altis 1.8G CVT (05 seats, 1798cm3 engine, CVT automatic) is 863 million dong, Toyota Altis 2.0V Sport (05 seats, 1987cm3 engine, CVT ) cost 1 billion.

With a click of the Sports button, the car turns into a sportier, more powerful but more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Now Toyota does not save airbags when equipped with all the Toyota Altis 2018 full seven airbags. In addition to the trunk balance (TRV), TRC traction control is also available for all versions, making this car a 5-star safety standard according to Asian NAP 5.

The car is the place where the most change, most notably the light bulb and chrome plated grille become sharp when narrowed and connected together very closely.

The exterior of the Toyota Altis 2018 superficial with greater length (40mm). Width and height are smaller than the Mazda 3.

Younger customers love Mazda 3, however, because of its youthful design style, while Altis is “old”, “luxury.”

One of the biggest downsides of the Toyota Altis 2018 is that it is white, while the Toyota Altis 2018 buyers prefer the color the most because of its luxury and beauty.

The new Altis also has no rain sensor, automatic wiper function reduces the ability to clean the glass as well as hinders the visibility of the driver when going under bad weather conditions.

The new Corolla Altis is a new generation, but the weight is quite light, so it feels relatively inferior, making the driver, as well as passengers, are not very secure.

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