Top 5 traffic violations in California

Every day, a large number of people all across the world are stopped by officers and then issued traffic tickets. But, the main problem which comes next is big hassle which can be handled only and only by Long Beach speeding ticket lawyer. Hiring them is one of the easiest and inexpensive way of getting rid of any unwanted problem that can result in severe circumstances. They can handle everything in an effective manner and make sure that you get out of problems.

Most common traffic violations

Running red light: This is one of the most common traffic violations for which you can take help of traffic ticket lawyer Los Angeles. If light is changing and it’s not green but still you are trying to make through then it can result in traffic ticket. It is much important to stop if light is changing. You must stop at stop signs and stay alter. In case, you are slowing down but still driving continuously then this can also get you a traffic ticket.

Driving under influence: DWI or DUI is an offense which should not be taken lightly at any cost or under any circumstances. In fact, most states follow strict rules and impose penalties for everyone driving under influence. When you are found guilty of driving under influence of drugs or driving intoxicated you will lose your driving license for minimum 12 months. You will even face minimum fine of $1250 and at least you need to spend 10 days in jail and will be required to have interlock device which will work as breathalyzer. Along with this, do not forget about alcohol education screenings and courses or community service. The DUI remain relevant for time period of 7 years.

Violating car registration: You must keep your car license and registration updated time to time as per the rules of jurisdiction. It is not legal to operate car with an expired license or registration and several valid defenses are there which you can opt. However, if the circumstances are extenuating which have delayed renewal or if you have made good attempts for renewal but are not able to do so then you must keep documentation ready for circumstances and explain them properly to officers whenever you are stuck with any problem.

Speeding: With repeat drink and drive violations, you will get multiple speeding tickets which can bring increase in insurance costs. So, if you want to get rid of cost of insurance then you must take help of speeding ticket attorney Los Angeles. They can help you with the insurance costs and even make sure that your state do not record ticket if you are undergoing some driving classes. As per the insurance speeding can raise premium near about 10 percent.


Along with above mentioned violations, there are many other common traffic violations because of which you can suffer a lot. But, in all these cases traffic ticket lawyers can be your helping hand as they have proper knowledge and enough experience because of which they can deliver utmost result.


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