The Various Advantages of Adding a Sunroof to your Car

The latest technology has now made it possible to install a sunroof in your car as an automotive upgrade even if your car did not come with one. Another reason why you would want to put a new sunroof in your car would be if the one you have is broken in some way, shape or form. While people might think that a sunroof is not exactly a necessity in a car, but the ones who do not have it are missing out on the various advantages that adding a sunroof can bring to your driving experience. Here are some reasons why you should ask for sunroof installation in Melbourne the next time you visit an auto shop.

Natural Air and Noise Reduction 

Adding a sunroof can give you the option of allowing natural air to cool you down rather than continuously being surrounded by conditioned air. While most people would say that you can just roll down your windows if you want natural air, there are other disadvantages of rolling down the windows every time you feel like you want fresh air. First of all, rolling down the windows can be extremely noisy as compared to a sunroof and therefore the windows often end up being more of a headache rather than relaxing. Secondly, rolling down the windows in a city that often has traffic lights can become unsafe very quickly because you are not immune to anyone on the street outside.

Emergency Opening

If you ever are in a situation where the doors and windows are blocked by something that you cannot reach or move alone, the sunroof can act as an emergency door. Most sunroofs are big enough to allow an average-sized person to fit through and escape. However, if escape is not possible, you can just fit your head through it and call for help. People do not realize how helpful sunroofs can be in situations like these. Another use for a sunroof to escape is if your car ends up in a water body and you cannot open the doors and windows. Therefore, it is recommended to ask for sunroof installation in Melbourne when you are visiting an auto shop.


One of the most obvious and arguably the best advantage of a sunroof is stargazing. The feeling of just parking your car, reclining your seats and just watching the stars through your roof cannot be matched with anything else. Not just stargazing but also sipping coffee while watching the raindrops fall on the screen above you truly makes you connect with nature without having to deal with any of the messy parts of a rainy night. This is the key reason why people would ask for sunroof installation in Melbourne.

Style and Resale Value Increase

Sunroofs add style to your car and make them look more expensive than they actually are. Since sunroofs are considered more of an advanced feature in cars, they are unlikely to be found in a base model car. They are also hard to find on older cars because sunroofs have become more common in cars recently. Henceforth, your car looks stylish and expensive no matter what you paid for it. If you are looking to make a good impression on someone with your car, a sunroof is a recommended upgrade. As mentioned above, since sunroofs make your car look more expensive you are likely to get a better value for your car when you are trying to resell it or trade it in for another car. If you are passing down the car to someone else in your family, getting a sunroof installed can make them feel as if they are getting somewhat of a newer car.

All things considered, sunroofs can be a great addition to your car because of all the various advantages that it has. While some people might try to convince you otherwise, it can be clearly inferred that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. A sunroof will help you enhance your driving experience and make it less stressful as a result.


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