Road rage woman fails to put car in park, so it rolls away


A lady from Liverpool was almost smashed into a building when a large semi trailer was taking a right turn.  The driver did not see the van to his right.  Fortunately, the lady avoided danger by speeding up past the truck around the turn.

She was so angry with the driver that she jumped out of her vehicle to give the driver a piece of her mind.  However, she forgot to put her vehicle in park after escaping a precarious situation.  The woman was able to catch the van before it careened into another object.  Hence, this incident is one of the few times in which a person was ghost riding the whip during road rage.  She should not have been so petulant.  She should have been grateful that she was not injured or killed.  Plus, she should still be revelling in the fact that Liverpool just won the UEFA Super Cup last month.  You never walk alone without placing the vehicle in park.

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