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When you think of the best car brands in the world, there are quite a few manufacturers that come to mind. Among which you can imagine the Italian Ferrari and the German BMW, but while many of these may originate from foreign countries, there are still many UK car brands that are extremely popular and have been for many years.

Unfortunately, in recent years, many British brands automakers have either been bought or retired due to turmoil in the car industry. Despite the sale of many brands to foreign companies, there is still a British heritage that enthusiasts will not quickly forget.

Aston martin

Aston Martin is as British as James Bond himself, proving that Aston is the car of choice for 007 in the James Bond movies (despite a brief switch to BMW and Ford in some of the more recent movies). Aston Martin is known for making incredibly stylish supercars, including the DB9 and the Vanquish. Aston Martin is a brand that has stood the test of time, and part of this can be attributed to its entirely British image.


Jaguar is now owned by Indian Tata Motors under the Jaguar Land Rover brand, but there is still something refined and British about the Jaguar brand that people have associated with class and prestige for many years. The brand is famous for its 1960s convertibles that have been seen in many movies like Austin Powers.

Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce has always been known as the car of millionaires, classic and large vehicles, which are often used as limousines. Rolls Royce cars are one of the instantly recognizable British car brands, and in recent years Rolls Royce has produced exclusive and expensive models like the Phantom, favored by celebrities like P Diddy and 50 Cent.


Lotus is another iconic British car brand that produces not only road cars but also racing cars. The Lotus range of sports cars, including the Elise and Exige, is known for being among the smallest but fastest supercars available. Former Bugatti owners and current Proton owners have kept the Lotus racing heritage alive with their range of supercars that are still bought and produced today.

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