Must have Features for a Safe and Comfortable Car

Cars are now one of the most important parts of our lives. The astonishing features and the great comfort together combine an ideal car to consider. The vendors are working day and night to make implement mandatory features for a safe and comfortable ride. But they provide innumerable features to choose from. This concerns the user while considering any car for a regular user.

One must keep in mind that not all the functionality provided is pretty essential. Some vendors just look after the looks while other focus on a comfortable driving. But are you safe with these features? Hence, the question arises is that what are the features to be considered while buying a car?

Well, you need not worry regarding this. We have gathered plenty of essential information on this. This post will walk you through the must-have features for a safe and comfortable car ride

10 Necessary Features for a Safe and Comfortable Car Ride

#1 Reverse Sensing System

They say “If you can’t reverse the car safely then better no need to drive.” This might be true for some aspects. But in a crowded area with a lot of unwanted attendants, it is challenging to reverse safely. This is where the reverse sensing systems work perfectly. These systems are initiated with proximity sensors so that the driver can be notified if any object comes too close.

The best part is that there’s no need to turn on/off the system separately. As soon as the driver engages the reverse gear, the system gets turned on automatically and vice versa.

#2 Airbags

The airbags are pretty much helpful if the car encounters an accident. This system also works using the sensors. The crash sensors are initiated to the onboard computer. In case, the sensor detects a collision, the airbags get triggered.

These airbags are inflated in order to prevent the collision of inhabitants with the dashboard, steering wheel, etc. during an accident. Though they are not included with the budget cars, we recommend you to use them separately.

#3 GPS Vehicle Tracking

The GPS systems have evolved the way we use vehicles in modern times. It has become easier to call a cab or wait for a bus while tracking their positions. Thus, it is mandatory for the fleet to implement a GPS Vehicle tracking system in their vehicles.

The owner can keep an eye on the vehicle form any corner across the globe.Not just the fleet, even it can be beneficial for the individuals too to keep a track of their vehicles. Thus, if your son/daughter goes outside the town, you’ll be notified immediately. Useful, isn’t it?

#4 Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Monitoring System is one of the most demanding features for a fleet business or any individual. There’s always a freight of getting looted. The fuel of any vehicle can be stolen from a parked car. Don’t you want the vehicles to be safe? Well, that’s where the fuel monitoring system becomes pretty helpful.

The owner of the vehicle gets notified immediately if a sudden decrease is sensed in the fuel tank. A notification is sent through a push notification and/or email to the owner and the driver. Thus, an action can be taken immediately against the thief or whosoever broke into the fuel tank.

#5 Defogger

Just like the windshield, the rear window of the car gets fogged too. Unfortunately, not all cars come with a pre-installed rear window defogger. It is perhaps mandatory to install a defogger on rear window as well. It helps in getting the mist off the window with ease, thus maintain great visibility.

If the car that you drive on a regular basis lacks a defogger, get one bro. Without a clear visibility from the rear window, it might be challenging to drive safely with comfort.

#6 Antilock Braking System

The Antilock braking systems were introduced in recent years to ensure more safety. Though these systems are premium to implement yet are worth spending. This system prevents the wheels from getting locked in case of emergency braking. In other words, the driver car steers the car even under hard barking. However, they can’t be trusted completed as of now. Therefore, drive safely!

#7 Multiple 12V Power Outlets

Smartphones have influenced our lives in a wide variety of ways. Thus, the vendors are implementing 12V power outlets in almost all upcoming models. This can be considered pretty helpful to charge a phone. However, we would recommend not using the phone while charging. A complete charge will prove to be helpful in case of emergencies.

#8 Traction Control

Traction control is another must-have feature for a safe and comfortable ride. This thing utilizes the antilock braking system to detect and manage the wheel spin. The sensors help in monitoring the speed of each wheel. If any wheel is spinning faster than others, a soft brake is applied to balance it and vice versa.

#9 Fog Lamps

The fog lamps are necessary to drive safely in foggy weather. These lights have a tendency to produce a low and wide beam of light to penetrate through the fog. Thus, the adequate light will provide an improved visibility through the fog. Mostly the yellow fog lights are used considering they scatter less and emit only one part of the light.

#10 Adjustable Comforts

Who hates to tweak the driving functionality according to one’s comfort? Well, probably nobody. The seating and steering are positions are designed for an average driver. Thus, not everyone can be happy with them. Therefore, it is necessary to have adjustable customization options in order to provide more comfort to the driver.

Wrapping up

History has proven that more people die in a car accident as compared to a plane crash per year. Thus, it is mandatory to use proper safety measure in the car.

The defogger, fuel monitoring system, airbags, reverse sensing system, etc. are all necessary to make a car secure to drive. What features does your vehicle lack? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you :’)


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