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Since 2005, the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) has been putting more of its information online. We’ve waved goodbye to the old paper tax discs and now most of us go through the DVLA website to pay our tax each year. One of the other big changes is making MOT information more accessible. It’s great news for anyone thinking about buying a new car. 

The other benefit is being able to check up on the status of any other car, as long as you know the number plate. Not sure whether that car which has been parked in your street for months is abandoned? Run the number through the check mot database and see whether it has valid tax and MOT. If not, contact the Police or your local Council about having it removed. 

Buying a Used Car

One of the main benefits of MOT information being available online is for anyone who is in the market for a used car over three years old. Buyers don’t have to rely on the goodwill of the seller and hope they come clean about problems they’ve had with the vehicle in the past. All you need is the registration plate of the car and you can log into the DVLA website to see the MOT history. The website will tell you the dates of the MOT testing, and the result of the test. If the car failed, it will tell you why. The website also shows the recorded mileage of the vehicle at each yearly check. This should be checked against what the speedometer on the car is showing. If you have the vehicle’s log book, you can also enter the V5C number to see which testing station issued the MOT certificate, as well as when. The website will also show whether there are any outstanding manufacturer recalls on the vehicle. 

The MOT Certificate

Since the introduction of the MOT online database, garages no longer issue a formal MOT certificate which you need when paying your tax. You’ll still get a one page A4 print out showing the results of your test but the full report will be uploaded digitally. When you go online to tax your car, the website will check to make sure the MOT is valid before allowing you to buy tax for it. This integration cuts down on the paperwork you need to keep at home, and reduces the hassle if you misplace it. It’s not something you have to pass on to future keepers of the vehicle either.

Annual Reminders

You won’t receive an email or text from the DVLA reminding you that your MOT is due unless you have specifically requested the service. However, you can log into the website at any time to see reminders of when your tax and MOT is due. Make a note on the calendar or in your phone. Remember that garages might need a week or so to get you booked in, so don’t leave things to the last minute. 


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