Milwaukee County Bus Driver assistance to a driver that was in trouble

Shenika Merrill who is a bus driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System in Milwaukee Wisconsin is being credited for her act of compassion with a driver that had the misfortune of having his auto trapped on the railroad tracks due to the heavy amount of snow on the road.

Shenika who was on her bus route decided to stop running her bus route to do her part to assist the driver who could get the auto out of the railroad tracks since the amount of snow on the road was too much for the driver to move the auto away from the railroad tracks before a train would pass in the area which could have fatal for the driver or a wrecked auto since trains cannot stop on a dime if the distance to stop is too close to an auto or pedestrian who is on the railroad tracks.

What Shenika did was to ask for passengers to come with her and use their strength to move the auto that was trapped on the railroad track by pushing the auto that was stuck in the snow forward away from danger of being struck by a train that would be approaching the road shortly.

Thanks to the teamwork of some of the passengers and Shenika, they were able to get the auto that had to deal with a double whammy with not able to move away from the railroad tracks and being stuck on a snowy road, the driver of the auto was very thankful that a bus driver and several of her passengers were able to get him out of a tough jam.

The Milwaukee County Transit Service drivers have been doing a lot of good work assisting people in their community who need their help like getting stuck on snowy roads or rescuing people who are in need of their assistance like finding their way home when they get lost on the street.

I am sure that Shenika will be rewarded by her employer for her outstanding service as a bus driver with the Milwaukee County Transit Service in a future date.

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