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inside the Camry 2018

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2.  inside the car

The cabin looks at the Camry 2018 is still an elegant and elegant space, in that the 2.5Q version uses a brown seat design to deliver a classy interior. Although a young person like me is not very impressive and like the youth like the Mazda 6, it must be that old car owner will be very “tolerant” interior style that Toyota created.

Seat covered seats with front seats and front seats in front of the power adjustment in 10 directions and 8 directions are standard equipment in Camry 2018, in which the highest level version adds memory function two positions. Feeling very comfortable with the spine, back, thighs and hips are lifted a little.

Rear seats where most people choose to buy Camry are extremely satisfied and appreciate the comfortable space leading the group of medium-sized car, which Honda Accord or Nissan Teana has tried very hard yet can keep up.

More noticeable is the right rear seat can easily move the seat back and forth to increase the space is already very spacious for him, the rear window with sunblind or electric trim as Camry 2.5Q Additional heating and power adjustment for the backrest with buttons located at the palm rest.

The table in the Camry is built in the direction of symmetry from the fractured blocks as much of the other Toyota models to create a sense of space for the cabin. The Japanese car company also brings high-grade materials such as artificial leather or plastic in front of the table as well as the gearbox area, which contributes to the luxury and premium feel of the interior of the Camry.

In the Camry 2.0E and 2.5G, the sedan “communicates” with the driver through a four-spoke steering wheel, in which the steering wheel can be adjusted in four directions for optimal steering control, while The 3-hour and 9-hour function keys will support the optional entertainment option, which tracks the information more conveniently. If you are more interested in steering or sometimes want to experience the performance of the Camry itself, the 2.5Q version with three-wheel steering, the integrated digital shift will be the preferred choice. well suited.

Although the price is more expensive than compatriots Mazda 6 the two versions of Camry code E and G proved not so dominant in terms of comfort features if not to say is limited. The entertainment system includes only one CD player, six speakers, an AUX / USB connector, and a lack of touchscreen as well as Bluetooth, for example, with a sunroof or rearview mirror. Inside there is no automatic anti-glare.

For better comfort, choose 2.5Q with DVD player, 7-inch touchscreen, hands-free support; Automatic air-conditioning 3 independent zones; automatic anti-glare mirrors, star window glass doors with integrated sunblind and wireless charging function for smartphones.

In addition, the cupboard positions on the Camry are not only large in volume but also spacious so passengers can easily store their personal belongings.

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