How to Pimp Your Ride – Trends 2021

Have you experienced a time where a car pulled up right in front of you at a traffic light and have it lower its eyelashes slowly and wink “suggestively” to you or experienced sounds of music coming from a car subwoofer? If you have, you have been through one of life’s rare high points. You witnessed a brief moment where the world of kitsch and car accessories came together.  

This experience is a bit like the distasteful trend from the 1970s when folks decorated their dashboards with fur. Surprisingly, the same dash protectors are available online in this day and age. 

Today in 2021, a similar development from 1990 is still on sale – the eyelashes. 

These are vivid reminders of a time in history when the dated “classy” accessory was used as a cloth cap loved by people who drove open sports cars. Cars that continue to match this era and stand the test of time.

So if you’re looking to pimp your ride in 2021, look no further than the trends mentioned in this article. 

The Car Bra

Besides being a practical way to save the front of your car from stones chips. The car bra is also really cheap to buy. So think of a theme or color you like and consider placing it on your car.

The Disco Drive and Bonnet Bling 

The disco drive and bonnet bling is a new trend that has come up. It’s made from plastic and slim profile that’s 100% recycled. So if you buy it you get to save the planet and look good doing it. Making it a great way to approach nature conservation, don’t you think?

Non-Slip Dashboard Mat

Another great car accessory for 2021 is Olixar’s Non-Slip Dashboard Mat. This mat can hold all your most loved items when driving around. If for example, you don’t have a phone holder for your car. This device has a built-in mount for your cellphone when you want a GPS or need to see where you are going. 

The dashboard anti-slip mat is designed to fit into your car with an extra stronghold. In addition to that, it has cutouts to hold your items intact and also a hook to hold your phone charger to keep your battery full. So you don’t need to worry about your phone dying on you while you travel. 

Universal Headrest 7-10 inch Tablet Mount (Endless entertainment on the road!)

Even more so, for those long family trips, you will need to entertain your kiddies and stop the “Are we there yet” effect now and again. 

The Universal Headrest 7-10 inch Tablet Mount helps you to easily play movies or games.

It’s a universal tablet that can be mounted and fitted on any car brand. It has an added feature that allows a 360-degree rotation for screen sharing for your convenience.  

It’s Wrap

We hope that you enjoyed our list of trends you can use to pimp your ride in 2021. If you follow them, you’ll stay on-trend until the end of time.


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