How to Make Money Out of Your Junk Car Lying in the Garage?

Do you have a junk car lying idle in your garage or the farthest corner of your backyard? It is not a fair deal to give this car to someone for free. Moreover, you cannot clog a space in your home with this junk car. You ought to search for a feasible solution to earn some cash out of this junk, idle vehicle.

A good junk car rental company or a scrap yard can help you earn money at competitive rates. But before that, you need to keep in mind the following things to make instant money out of this junk car transaction.

Check the authenticity and reliability of the company

You might have searched for a company in the local ads of then newspapers, hoardings, through a friend, or the internet. But doing an in-depth research of the company is mandatory on your part. Check for the reviews of the previous customers, how much time it takes to process a transaction, is it licensed, and so on.

The company should pay a fair price to your junk car, no matter what is the current state of the same. Hence, be conscious of with whom you are dealing with.

Get the metal work done

Junk car companies offer better prices if the metal of the car is pretty good. As a result, if you are preparing with the metal in advance, your car can seek more money. Strip the copper wires, make sure no iron pieces are hanging around the car.

Junk car companies use magnets to determine the quality of your car. So, be assured that you have a considerable amount of sorted scarp in your garage, and not dull, rusted metal.

Check for the exiting scrap prices

Research is mandatory; we have already mentioned it. However, checking current scrap prices and rates is a smart way to approach a scrapyard. When you shop for a new car, you check on the prices, compare prices with those of others, and then make a wise decision. Even though it is your junk car, you have to grab the best deal in the market. So, do your homework beforehand so that you can negotiate, and seek the best deal out of your old car.

You can check online for the scrap companies in your area. Call each of them, or inquire them personally for the existing rates. Since scrap rates change frequently, you will have to plan this step.

Be clarified about the hidden charges and deductions

A scarp deal is beyond giving away your car and claiming the amount of the same. There are several hidden fees that we are not aware of. So, before you finalize a deal, you need to be well-versed with the hidden charges involved so that you are not surprised with the final bill.

Insist for a flat quote and a tentative bill before the deal is finalized. This will show that you are a conscious junk car seller, and are aware of the intricacies involved in this transaction.

Search for other ways of junking your car

Apart from the junk car companies and scrap yards, you can think of different, useful ways of selling your junk car. If you want to make a purposeful deal, then you can even donate the car to a charity. It can sell the car and utilize earned money for a social cause. Not only will you contribute for a charitable mission, but also receive a tax deduction on the donation you have made.

If any of your acquaintance needs certain parts of the car, you can sell them the relevant ones and sell off the scarp to the second hand cars wellington dealers.

Keep the essential parts for your personal project

If you are a skilled DIY project manager, then you can retain the parts which can be reused for other own purposes. You will save money for the next project and will sell off only the damaged portion of the car. Cracking a better deal is not always about earning money, but saving money too.

Briefly, you can make a better amount of money out of your junk car, rather than making it sit idle. Think smart and take a careful step ahead.


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