How to Give a New Look to Your Old Vehicle?

Most of you must be spending quite some time of your day in the car – driving kids to school, going and coming back from school, taking the family for shopping, and the list can go on. A car is not a luxury anymore, and like any other precious possessions, you must invest time, effort, and money in its maintenance. After all, it helps you immensely in your daily life and also helps you to build memories when you go on a long drive with your loved ones.

Additionally, when you maintain your car, you increase its longevity and performance. Thus, you save yourself from having to buy a new one! We have shared a few maintenance tips; some of them are inexpensive.

Tricks to Give a Fresh Look to Your Old Car

1. Clean and Organize

Like your home, your vehicle should also be kept decluttered, or else the most expensive one will too shabby and dull.

While a thorough deep cleaning is a must once in a while, if every time you sit in the car, you empty some trash, it will help in keeping it clean till your next meeting with the car detailer.

Use simple organization tools, to make sur4 that your belongings do not loiter around on the dashboard or the seats.

And for the exterior, get waxing done for the perfect shine!

2. Invest in the Bull Bar

A car’s bull bar is not only for show, but it is built to sustain. So, if you own a Mercedes – be it old or new model, ensure to invest in the bull bar. These come entirely compatible with your car’s sensors and lamps, and they always launched in the market after going through rigorous testing.

Always make sure that you buy from authorized and renowned dealers like buying Ford Ranger accessories in Melbourne form Ford dealers only – this reduces the chances of being cheated, and you can be assured of getting genuine parts.

3. Replace Old Accessories

Accessories are not only vital for the aesthetics of your vehicle but also for its performance. For instance, the floors mats have the maximum tendency of getting worn out, and if you are still using the original ones, you may not want to part away with them. But, ruined floor mats look utterly shabby and may also cause you to fall while getting out of the car. So, remove them from your vehicle, and if required, store them – use weather-appropriate mats to prevent the growth of molds.

Next, windshield wipers – clean them with microfibre cloth once a week. And if you are using old cars, and cleaning the wipers do not help, remove them immediately to avoid road accidents.

Seat covers are another essential accessory of any vehicle – they keep the seat protected from rough use. And if you have kids and pets, then seat covers are a must for your car!

4. Repairs Dents and Scratches

A scratch that may initially look harmless can cost you substantially if you delay its repair. There are many techniques of dealing with scratches like the hot glue method and suction method, and some of these can be done, but you at home also. But, why take risks and increase the chances of enlarging the damage?

If you own a Ford or any other luxury vehicle, repairing minor damages caused by hailstorm can also cost you a fortune– so, don’t experiment yourself and visit the nearest car detailer or dealer who can help you.

5. Check and Change Oils

Changing the fluids of the car doesn’t help in beautification of the car, but it surely enhances its performance. And a vehicle that runs smoothly on the roads is always valuable to you and also to your prospective buyers!

6. Change Wheels

Yes, a costly affair, but when you own a car worth a thousand dollars, you must spend some bucks on its maintenance, too, and make sure that it gives you a safe and joyous ride.

The wheels start showing its age once the vehicle hits the 125K mark. And it also impacts the entire appearance of the car!

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