Ford Mustang: Drive the Car of Your Dreams, Today

Even people who claim they don’t love cars turn their head when they see the Ford Mustang zoom past. For fans of sports cars, the Ford Mustang is an absolute classic, and the features in new models will put you over the top even more.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the new Ford Mustang, a car lover’s dream.

Power Galore under the Hood

Muscle cars are defined by what’s underneath the hood, and that’s where the Ford Mustang has a lot going on. In fact, with six available high-powered engines and nine unique trim options, there isn’t simply one thing called a Ford Mustang.

Choose from the fun and peppy GT Convertible to the 2020 Shelby GT500, which has the most power-dense supercharged V8 production engine in the world.  If you’re looking for power, speed and torque, the Ford Mustang has you more than covered.

For flexible Ford lease options and great everyday prices on new and used Ford Mustangs, visit your local Ford dealership.  

Modern, Seamless Technology

The Mustang is renowned for its classic look and incredible power, but today’s models make it easy to use your Apple or Android smartphone in the vehicle in a way that’s effortless and safe. The in-vehicle touchscreen was designed to be easy to use, and the enhanced voice-activation technology makes it simple to get things done behind the wheel.

Whether you want to use the screen for mapping, access all your music, or stay connected on the go, you can do it all in today’s Mustangs.

Advanced Safety Features

Everybody needs to keep safe on the road, especially when driving as quickly as the Mustang does. The Mustang is available with the Ford Safe and Smart package, a suite of advanced safety features which work to keep you and your passengers protected.

For example, the Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking is a feature which scans the road for other vehicles or pedestrians — if it detects something, visual and audio warnings are issued and the brakes are readied for a safe stop. 

If the driver doesn’t take further action to avert a collision, the brakes are activated automatically. This will help keep everybody in your car safer, as well as everybody else who shares the road.

The Lane-Keeping System will issue a warning to nudge the driver to keep to their lane if the vehicle detects that the car is starting to edge out of it. Even when you’re distracted, the modern features in today’s Mustang step up to help you drive safely.

For fans of fast sports cars, there’s no substitute for the specs that the Mustang boasts. Add to it features to keep you plugged in and safe, and lovers of the old Mustang are sure to love the new one even more. Visit your local family-owned Ford dealership today to get your dream car, as they often have the most flexible payment plans and the friendliest service.


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