Different Important Aspects Related To Tipper Trailer

A tipper trailer is also known as dumper truck is basically mobile equipment used commonly in material handling application. This is extensively used in mining and metallurgical sector. This is most commonly used for transportation of mineral ores, gravel, sand, and demolition waste. The main advantage of this kind of equipment is its ability to discharge by tipping or inclining the front portion by means of in-built hydraulics jack.

What Are Tripper Trailers?

A typical Tipper truck comprises of two parts. One is the drivers’ cabin and the other part is an open type large sized container box. The second part or the structural box is made with structural steel plate. The one end of the container box remains hinged with the rear end of the truck. Both the driver’s cabin and the box are mounted on a common heavy steel structure. The tipper trailer is provided with a hydraulic jacking arrangement for the lifting of the front end. This allows the material in the box, which it is carrying to get discharged on the ground behind the truck or into a ground hopper. This equipment is widely used in the mining sector, and with the tripper trailers, you can easily filling the container and discharge the materials on the ground mechanically. This process saves a lot of time and less manpower engagement ultimately reduces operation cost.

What are the advantages of using tripper trailers?

  • In the recent designs of tipper, all models are equipped and operated by a hydraulic system and come with a variety of combination. One design is known as standard dump truck chassis with its dump body mounted on a frame. The box is backed by a vertical hydraulic system. In U.S.A almost all tipper has one front steering axle and one rear wheel axle.
  • Transfer dumper of today is the standard one which is pulling a separate trailer attached to a movable cargo container that may be loaded with construction aggregate, sand or mineral ore.
  • There are super tipper truck tarps which is a straight one provided with trailing type axle that is capable of carrying load up to 6 ton.

Different kinds of tripper trailers:

•    Semi-trailer bottom tripper

•    Double and triple trailer tripper

•    Side dump truck

•    Winter service tripper truck

•    Roll of truck

•    Off-highway tripper truck

•    Haul truck and articulate hauler

•    All the above are recognized as a tripper trailer of today.

Risk aspect

Tipper truck tarps are built for construction site or off-road driving as the driver has protection by chassis and enjoy the advantage due to the height of the driver seat. Today’s designs have either placed the bumper at higher position or have omitted completely. This is a disadvantage that can be perceived during a collision with a slandered mutator car. Therefore, several countries have made a rule that new tipper trucks that are to be manufactured must have a bumper at a level of 40 cm above the ground level.

  • Tipping facilities: Another aspect related to safety should be considered is levelling of the tipper truck before unloading. If it is not parked on the comparatively levelled ground, a sudden change in load may disturb the balance due to a lifting of the body of the container which can result to sliding of the tipper.
  • Back up accident: Due to its size and difficult visual on -foot workers, tipper has a threat while backing up. Although mirror and back up arms provide some protection.

Tipper trailer has the advantage of mobilizing huge quantity of material and deliver and discharge those quickly. However, the above statement also point out at its hazard and necessary safety aspects to be followed while manufacturing.

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