Common Signs Revealing Quick Starter Motor Replacement

Maintenance of your car is the most crucial aspect to focus on if you don’t want to compromise on the driving experience. It requires sufficient care and timely servicing to ensure uninterrupted driving pleasure extended lifetime. Some of your car parts wear and tear easily and show early signs revealing the need for quick repair and replacement.

The starter motor of a vehicle is one such part that ignites the engine. People often think that the dead battery is the reason for the faulty or hard starting of the vehicle; however, that’s not true always. Despite the efficient functioning of the car batteries, there can be other underlying issues in the starter motor, which sometimes we fail to recognize. To know whether your car requires a starter motor replacement or not, you should be aware of the obvious signs and symptoms, and act accordingly.

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When You Need A Complete Starter Motor Replacement?

  • Produces unusual sound:

Does your car produce a strange sound the sooner you start it? One of the common signs of a bad starter motor is some weird sound that it creates as soon as you switch on the start button. Typically, the engine does make a series of noise, like clicking, whirring, and grinding that may indicate an unrepairable fault and requires a starter motor replacement. A clicking sound may be due to the poor wire connection, defective ignition switch, or faulty starter motor.

Whirring sound can be due to some other issues in the starter motor. This specific type of sound may either continue for a longer period or fade away within a few moments. The main reason behind this whirring sound is the non-engagement of the flywheel with the pinion gear. Now, If the engine produces a grinding noise once you turn the ignition on, it means there is a significant problem, and you should visit your trusted workshop for a quick starter motor replacement.

  • When your car releases unusual smoke

The starter motor is the part of the electrical system of the vehicle, and can very well be subject to short circuits and blown fuses. When you try to start the engine desperately, it requires too much power to start, and that often blows away the circuit, thereby producing the smoke. So, it is essential to give a timely rest to the engine. If you see such a smoke, get it serviced from an approved workshop. It may be an immediate requirement of starter motor replacement, you never know!

  • Oil soaked in the starter

The starter motor is located just below the engine, which is vulnerable to oil soaking. If you find the starter motor immersed in the oil, it means there is a leakage in the fuel tank. Starter soaked in the oil usually has less life. Sometimes, a few drops can lead to expensive car servicing in the form of starter motor replacement down the line, so don’t forget to check that out immediately.

  • Ineffective functioning of solenoid

The sooner you turn on the ignition key, the solenoid performs electrical current transmission from the battery to the vehicle starter motor, and It pushes the starter drive to the flywheel that allows cranking. Without the solenoid or its improper functioning, the starter motor does not work. When the engine fails to crank, it means there are some issues in the solenoid requiring immediate repair.

There can be several other problems as well that may lead to starter motor replacement. It can be damaged starter parts, faulty wire connections, battery corrosion, or loose wiring. Whatever the problem is, try some troubleshooting initially, and the problem persists – take it to a workshop without wasting much time. Don’t avoid these signs as it may lead to a costly repair sooner or later. Try to analyze the problems, and consult your servicing expert as only a professional mechanic would be able to guide you with the best possible solution.


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