BPW Transpec Trailer Axles for Trucks

Australia relies on the commercial vehicle industry to transport goods across the country. As such, the vehicles must adhere to high safety standards. For optimal driving conditions, trucks need regular maintenance. Using high-quality aftermarket parts for trucks provides an affordable way to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

Commercial vehicles with trailers need special attention on their axles. Trailer axles transfer the weight of your trailer to its wheels. Misaligned or failing trailer axles can cause dangerous accidents on the road. Such accidents can lead to the loss of life or valuable cargo. 

BPW Transpec is one of the world’s leading providers of trailer axles. This article focuses on BPW’s trailer axle solutions for trucks in Australia. Read on if you would like to know more about BPW’s trailer axles.

About BPW Transpec

BPW Transpec was started in 1898 in Wehl, Germany. The company’s original name was Bergische Patentachsenfabrik GmbH. One of the first products BPW’s produced were patented axles with permanent oil lubrication. Now, the company produces trailer axles, suspensions, air brake control systems, landing legs and many more truck components. 

Since its inception, BPW has grown through innovation and market resilience. The company now operates nine development sites and 16 production facilities. BPW also has 20 distributors of aftermarket parts for trucks all over the world. 

BPW Trailer Axles

The most important factors that define a trailer axle are its load capacity and designation. The load capacity refers to the weight each axle can carry. The total weight your trailer can carry depends on the combined load capacity of all its axles. BPW trailer axles fall into many categories, yet the following are the most common.

  • Brake Axles
  • Self-steering axles
  1. BPW Brake Axles

BPW develops both drum and disc brake axles for trailers. While the applications of these two types of brake axles differ, their purpose is the same. 

Brake axles help to control the trailer when the driver is stopping a commercial truck. When the brakes are applied in the tractor or tow vehicle, the trailer activates its brakes also. Trailer brake axles can be mechanical, electric or magnetic. This enables the brakes to engage without the driver’s immediate action. Trailer brakes can also be engaged if the trailer becomes unhooked from the tow vehicle.

Applying the primary brakes without the support of trailer brakes is dangerous. In case of emergency brake application, the brake axle prevents the trailer from swaying out of control and jackknifing. By improving the control mechanisms of your truck, brake axles contribute to improving its fuel consumption. The brake axles also improve truck safety.

  1. Self-Steering Axle

BPW’s self-steering axles improve the manoeuvrability of your truck. They are useful when making tight corners or bends. By improving the control of your truck, BPW self-steering axles also improve your fuel economy and tyre wear.  

With self-steering axles, your trailer wheels mimic the movement and curves of your truck’s tractor wheels. BPW uses its unique ‘Load-dependent steering stabilisation’ solution to steer the trailer axles. BPW’s solution eliminates the need for an external power source for the steering stabilisers. Research data indicates that the BPW self-steering axle can save up to 1000 litres of fuel and 4 tyres for every 100,000 kilometres your truck covers.

To sum up, BPW axles present several opportunities for truck owners to lower their operational costs. Their technology upholds the highest industry standards. Early detection of faulty axles can also save you from costly failures. A regular inspection of your trailer axles should help you determine when they need replacement. 


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