Aftermarket Car Parts That You Should Buy to Save Dollars

People who love their cars often refrain from buying an aftermarket part, thinking it would hamper the performance or reduce the overall life expectancy of their car. It’s a genuine concern. I know where you are coming from. I’ve been there too.

However, the aftermarket car parts industry has evolved over the years, and such speculations are slowly diminishing from the car community. 

Today, you can obtain an aftermarket equivalent at a discounted price, without having to compromise your car’s performance.

If you are still skeptical, you can start by purchasing the following aftermarket parts that don’t interfere with your car’s core performance. And as you start to gain confidence, there’s immense scope of savings on various mechanical and electrical parts as well.

Body Panels

Did you get into a fender bender lately? Or smashed your windscreen? These parts can cost you a lot of money if you buy from the dealership. However, buying aftermarket body panels from a cheap auto parts website is a smart move. Here’s why.

Aftermarket body parts are made to the same build-quality standards as the car manufacturer. You can rest assured that these parts will last you a lifetime since there’s no moving component or electronic sensor in the equation.

These include front and rear bumpers, doors, windscreens, hood, boot lid, fender, spoiler, front grill and much more.

With quality paintwork, these body panels look as good as OEM. And the best part is you can have them at a fraction of the dealership price.

Side Mirrors

OEM side mirrors are expensive. And you can’t drive without one. 

If you have a broken or faulty side mirror, buying an aftermarket equivalent is a safe bet as these are designed similar to OEM specifications and do not interfere with the core electrical or mechanical system of your vehicle.

You can have the mirror matched to the exact body color from a local paint shop and voila, you just saved a lot of money.

Wheel covers

Wheel covers often get stolen from cars that are parked on the streets overnight. And buying OEM covers from the dealership can cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, aftermarket wheel covers are a lot cheaper with various design & color options to choose from.

Wheel covers have nothing to do with the performance of your vehicle, but they can enhance the aesthetics by a great deal. Those ugly steel rims really pull down the overall aesthetics of your car. Therefore, having wheel covers is a must.

Music system

This is one of the areas where aftermarket outshines OEM by offering a range of music systems with top-notch features.

A decent music system makes your journey more enjoyable. And when you have a lot of options to choose from, why go with the boring OEM version? With an aftermarket music system, you can strike the perfect balance between budget and functionality.

Other Accessories

There’s no harm in buying aftermarket accessories, such as leather upholstery, floor mats, gear knob, steering cover, rain wipers, and radio antenna to name a few. With aftermarket accessories, you get an opportunity to personalize your car and make it look uniquely yours. As they say, “Life is too short to drive a boring car.” 

The aftermarket industry is brimming with all kinds of mechanical and electrical car parts that you can buy at various price points. Some parts even perform better and are costlier than their OEM counterparts.

Based on the experience of millions of car owners, aftermarket parts are gaining popularity and are expected to have a larger market share than OEMs in the near future.


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