Tired of using the outdated old car and looking for the latest pristine ones? Its time you should put your car for sale. In order to sell your old car at a good price, make sure it has proper maintenance with good working condition. No one likes to pay for the cars that are broken, dirty or having too many faults in vehicle parts.

So, if you are looking forward to selling your car, follow these 5 simple steps for your convenience:-

5 best tips for selling a car 

a) Arrange the documents

It is very important to arrange for a few documents before you sell the car. Grab your pink slip that gives you the car selling right, visit the motor vehicle department website of your state to find about the documentation required for car selling, know about the existing license plate if it will be valid after the car is sold and also order for a vehicle history report that will give the buyer details of the past history of your car.

b) Get a price estimate 

Before you opt for selling your car, make a point to have the real estimate of the car value. You can check that in the online car selling websites where you will be provided with questionnaires. Answer all the questions honestly and you will be receiving an estimate. Take a print out of the page and keep it with you. Try to keep your selling price slightly above and not too much above the estimated value. For example- If you get an estimate for your car as $4,200, you can keep the selling price $4,900 but certainly not $5,100.

c) Give the Curb Appeal

As the famous saying goes, ‘The First impression is the last impression’, for cars too, things are not different. When a buyer comes to see your car for the first time, they judge it easily by their appearance within seconds. So make sure your car looks clean and fresh both from exterior and interior that draws the buyer’s attention in the first sight. An old car might have few scratches but it should not affect the overall look of the car. Also, pay attention to each detail checked by the buyer from visualizing the car to moving into the driver’s seat. The impact has to be positive.

d) Advertise your Car

After your car is well groomed in terms of functionality and looks, you are ready for its advertisement. The best source for car advertisement is online media and social platforms. You can advertise your car on websites like,,, Classified websites, eBay and also on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even reach different people personally having a requirement for cars. The best way to grab too many buyers is by classified ads.

e) Don’t forget to Negotiate

If you find the buyer is satisfied with the test drive of your car and willing to purchase it create an opportunity for them to negotiate. Many buyers are unable to directly speak about negotiation. In that case, ask them the best price they can offer for the car. Try to be flexible in the pricing ensuring your profits. It’s advisable to go for a slow negotiation process. If buyers are asking for discounts in the email don’t go for it, Invite them first to see the car and then discuss the price.

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