5 Pro Tips for Selling Your Old Cars

If you are looking to sell that old clunker sitting on the front yard, then you should check out the following tips. These tips and suggestions will help you spruce up your car and you may even end up getting the top price for the same. Check it out,

  • Understand the Market: Before you dream of getting the top price for your car, you need to understand what’s in demand at the moment. For example, if the car you are trying to dispose of happens to be an old family sedan, then the chances of selling it fast and at a better rate happen to be high. One of the reasons is that sedans are always in demand whereas if you are planning to get rid of a collector’s car, you may find the process a little tough. For information, tips and suggestions on how to take better care of old cars, check out car wreckers in Adelaide online.
  • Spruce Up Your Car: The next step is to spruce up your car. You need to decide on whether to spruce up your car or just make a few cosmetic changes to increase its curb appeal. Just remember that buyers can be quite discerning and would insist on checking the car out. While it does help to advertise your car online with high-resolution images, you may have to get it fixed and functional again. You need to wash and vacuum the car, have it detailed and the old, broken parts replaced. Make sure that the car happens to be mechanically sound before you opt to sell it online and remember to check it for dings, and scrapes since you would have to get the same fixed. If you are just trying to get rid of the old car as it is, and have no interest in repairing it or fixing the same, then you can Google search for car wreckers in Adelaide. You may also want your mechanic to check out your car and confirm that it’s fine.
  • Advertise Your Car: Now that you have fixed up your car, you can get started on advertising the same. You may want to hire a professional photographer and take a few high-resolution shots of your vehicle. You can then list your car for sale, among websites, peer to peer websites such as Cavana, message boards and you can even go retro – just place a placard outside, listing your car for sale. Just remember that if you opt to list your car for sales in the classifieds, you may have to share additional details such as your address, ph number etc.
  • Pricing: Remember that you are trying to sell your old car and unless it happens to be a collectable, listing premium end prices for the same is not going to do much. You may want to check out other similar second-hand models that are currently listed for sales. Their prices should make it possible for you to determine a competitive price for your vehicle. You may also want to list OBO along with your slated price since that would indicate that you are willing to negotiate the price with interested buyers.
  • Showing Your Car: When it comes to selling your car, you need to consent to other buyers checking out your vehicle and even closely inspecting the same. They may even insist on a test drive to check out and see how your car is performing currently. That is the norm and that’s what you would be expected to do when checking out a new car – the same principle applies here. Once the customer is satisfied with your car and you have haggled a fair price for the same – you would need to get the required documentation ready and sign on the dotted line, transferring ownership of the car.

With these handy tips and suggestions, you should be able to sell your car for an optimal price. You should be able to make quick sales and in the process, even earn a decent profit as well.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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