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Ynga the Hyperborian

I have been impressed with the Hyborean Age since the first Conan book I read, as it is populated with a rich diversity of exotic cultures at varying degrees of civilization and technology. This piece is based in a time which predates the Hyborean Age…

#1 yeti test

According to REH, the Atlanteans devolved into albino apes and then evolved into Cimmerians. So perhaps this yeti is a branch of those apes which followed another branch and became these fierce beasts?

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#2 Ynga, warrior of the Hyperborean Steppes

So after I made the yeti, I wanted someone to fight him but who could stand against such a mighty foe? Of all my characters, only Ynga has the strength to face it...

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#3 the battle begins

Off to a good start, but I don't like Ynga's hair so that needs to change. While I'm at it, I am seriously considering a viking helmet...

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  1. Well, think about seeing him in one of my spooky sunset pictures lol. I just posted spooky fog pictures. Go look, and see how this character would look walking through my spooky fog pictures lol. H needs a makeover lol. Nice fur, but ugly lol.

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