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Xiao Pai Long – giclee print

Gong xi fa cai, to celebrate the year of the dog I shall be releasing a series of artwork inspired by Hong Kong cinema. I hope you will enjoy them and perhaps even be inspired to watch some John Woo films!

#1 release version

The working title of this piece was Hong Kong Hipshot, which is still a pretty nice title but I ended up going with Xiao Pai Long which is Cantonese for "Small White Dragon" because of the white dragon graffiti in the background

Actually, it began as a wardrobe test for Hardboiled but it looked so nice I decided to work it up as a standalone piece. I'm a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema in general and John Woo in particular, so this is yet another one of my HK inspired works

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#2 statue render

Here's the statue render, with an interesting color scheme. I wanted warm and cool lighting for this piece. It doesn't look like it would work here, but check the release version again and you'll see that this is the actual rig I used

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#3 rough sketch

When I said it was rough, I meant it!

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#4 banner graphic

I thought you might enjoy an uninterrupted view of the grafitti

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